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Hotelier Ossama Kamel Daoud Nasr, known as Ossama Kamel (Arabic: أسامة كامل; born 25 July 1970), is an Egyptian Hospitality Expert. His career expanded at Egypt and Middle East levels as a Hospitality Manager.

Ossama (Arabic: أسامةUsāmah), alternatively Osama, Oussama and Usama, is an Arabic masculine given name.

The name derives from the Arabic stem اسم A-S-M Alif Sin Mim “name” and means more or less “the one with a name.” It is one of many Arabic males given names for “lion,” the lion is considered an animal with fame. From this point of view, sama is equivalent to the Latin name Augustus, “majestic.” In Hebrew, the root is reduced to שם from Proto-Semitic *šim-, from Proto-Afroasiatic *(ʔi-)sim- (“name”), each denoting some aspect of the animal. References [wikipedia.org]


Mr. Osaama Kamel’s name emboiled a strong feeling as he prides himself in the name his grandmother gave him. In Arabic, Osama (Arabic: أسامة) means lion, and the lion is considered an animal with fame. While his last name is Kamel. (Arabic: كامل) is a given name meaning perfect or the perfect one.


Ossama Kamel, the Egyptian hospitality expert, performs a vital mission. Ossama Kamel facilitates and enriches the lives of millions of travellers by giving them a wider choice of hospitality expertise, best-in-class tourism options, luxury travel or a fresh cup of Arabian coffee.

For this noble mission, he chooses employees with extreme care. Not all hotel clerks, front office staff, guest services employees and hotel department heads are suitable for ‘Mr. Osama Kamel.’ Only the best.

Suppose you are proactive, energetic, keen on learning, and go deeper into work processes.

In that case, you are welcome to join the team. Because here – with ‘Osama Kamel’ – together, we perform a significant job! Take the Luxurious Hospitality Industry to the next level and offer solid complete treatment from a traumatic hotel brand failure.

Monsieur Ossama Kamel Daoud and associates is your one connection for comprehensive Hospitality solutions and services powered by world-class technology from one of the best certified experts in the hospitality industry.

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